As a DJ on a cruise ship, you are the life of the party. Your job is bringing energy and excitement to every corner of the ship. Your role is to create a lively atmosphere that sets the tone for the guests’ experience on board. You are responsible for selecting the music that will keep guests entertained and engaged. Your job is also operating the equipment to ensure smooth and professional sound. You will also be acting as the Master of Ceremonies for a variety of events and activities.

Music Selection as a cruise ship DJ

Music selection is a crucial part of your job. The right songs can set the mood and create memories that will last a lifetime. You must have a broad knowledge of various musical genres and the ability to read the crowd and play music that will appeal to them. With the right mix of songs, you can keep the dance floor packed and the guests singing along. There are a lot of themed parties on board and you will need to provide the right music to suit the theme.

Cruise ship DJ Technical Skills

In addition to music selection, your technical skills are also crucial to the success of your role as a DJ on a cruise ship. You must be familiar with the technical aspects of running a sound system, including operating mixing consoles and lighting systems. As a DJ and sound technician you must also be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. You must ensure that the sound quality remains top-notch throughout the cruise.

The cruise ship, MSC Sifonia, that I spent a week on board, for example, had Yamaha mixers and a Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 DJ controller in the main discoteque. The ship’s resident DJ, James (an excellent chap by-the-way) was using a Pioneer DDJ-400 for mixing on the outside deck. II had brought my Pioneer DDJ-SB3 with me. A lot of the time is providing music for the games and quizzes and not necessary having to perform DJ mixes. This is often done without a DJ mixer but plugging your computer or tablet into the Yamaha mixer.

Master of Ceremonies

As the Master of Ceremonies, you are responsible for engaging with the guests and encouraging them to participate in the various events and activities on the ship. You must have excellent public speaking skills and the ability to create a fun and lively atmosphere. YAs a DJ you will also be coordinating with other entertainment staff, such as bands and performance artists. You must ensure a well-rounded entertainment program for the guests.


In conclusion, being a DJ on a cruise ship is a demanding but rewarding role. It requires musical, technical, and interpersonal skills. If you are passionate about music, have a positive and outgoing personality, and are up for the challenge, then a career as a cruise ship DJ might just be the perfect fit for you.